CEO & Founder

Edward is a 4 time entrepreneur and salesmen with 12 years experience in the film, fashion, technology, and music industries. As a formally trained DJ from the likes of DJ Revolution, DJ Hapa, and Mr Choc of the Beat Junkies and student of business, he brings Aviraunt an unparalleled love for music culture and business structure. Being a part of the Aviraunt team as CEO & Founder has seamlessly married his passion and determination.



Vincent offers years of experience in the Accounting and Finance. With a wide range of experiences from controlling large startups such as URBAN626 to holding senior positions at $100+ million dollar companies such as PakLab. With numerous years spent leading an organization that helps educate all in the elements of Hip-Hop, Vince will be merging both his professional skills and cultural knowledge to the team.

Neto DePaula Pimenta

President of Communication 

Since arriving in LA in 99' Neto has been deeply involved in both advertising and entertainment as a producer, writer, brand content creator and visual storyteller. In 2016 he walked away from Hollywood to concentrate on raising a family, and has since refocused his communication and storytelling skills toward helping entrepreneurs build purpose-driven brands. He firmly believes in Edward’s vision of transforming the way people think about music and technology. He is excited to be a part of the Aviraunt family. 


Content Strategist

Yenice has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from California State University of Long Beach. With experience at Fox Television Broadcasting Network, she graces Aviraunt with her drive to build and maintain relationships with our Customers.


Event Sales Curator

Jane is a seasoned professional in the sales and events space. She merged her love for music and tech in efforts to educate the masses about Aviraunt. In her spare time, you can find Jane at live shows and dining at new restaurants in Los Angeles.


Recruiting & Growth Manager

Alicia has a degree in Psychology and excels in interpersonal communication. Her leadership in team building and ability to manage people allows our culture to thrive.

Hyun Soo Park

Chief Content Strategist

Hyun is a self taught entrepreneur under the guidance of mentors from the music entertainment industry. He values and celebrates intent based marketing to build a relationship with the users. He provides content idea that encompasses the story of Aviraunt.


Lead Backend Developer

Saurabh brings Aviraunt a decade of experience in backend PHP development. His love of his craft creates a foundation for the stability of every event and DJ we gain.